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About Joining JDA (2)

We held the first Founding Members Call.


  • Admission Rules

  • About Organization

  • About products

We have discussed the above topics and have agreed on the following basic policies.

Basic Policy

  • Establish a general incorporated association for JDA

  • Allow all protocol-based projects and individuals to participate

  • Explore initiatives to issue governance tokens and implement DAO

  • Actively collaborate with other organizations for regulation

Management structure JDA is aiming

Roadmap for Membership Acceptance

JDA is planning to realize an organizational structure in line with the Web3 philosophy. We plan to work with the following roadmap as a guide.

  • February 2021: Announcement of the establishment of JDA

  • March 2021: Formulation of basic policy

  • April 2021: Establishment of a general incorporated association, and formulation of JDA terms and conditions of membership

  • May 2021: Start accepting applications for membership


JDA Website:



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