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Five New Advisors Join Japan DeFi Alliance

Kathleen Chu from Polygon, Taisuke Horitsugi from Kyber Network, Mayumi Hara from FRAME00, Taihi Sato from Digital Entertainment Asset and Noritaka Okabe from JPYC have been appointed as advisors to the Japan DeFi Alliance (JDA).

With the addition of these five experts in the field of DeFi, we will continue to strengthen our structure for the spread and development of DeFi.


Background to the appointment of advisors

The JDA does not have a Board of Directors, but instead has a forum function to solicit opinions and votes from members.

In the forum, members exchange opinions and discuss the management of the JDA, but not all members are familiar with DeFi and it may be difficult to come to an optimal consensus.

Therefore, we will invite experts who are actually active in the field of DeFi as advisors to summarize opinions and share the latest trends.

Introducing the advisors

Kathleen Chu / Global Communications Lead Polygon

Kathleen joined Polygon in 2021 after spending two years leading the Maker Foundation’s activities in Japan. She co-founded Yasashi DeFi in 2019 and has been an active member of MakerDAO. Before joining Maker, Kathleen had been a journalist at Bloomberg in Tokyo for more than ten years, covering real estate and investing. During her tenure with the news agency, she took on additional roles, including deputy bureau chief.

Taisuke Horitsugi / Kyber Network Japan community manager

In 2018, he joined Kyber Network, a DeFi protocol in Singapore, as Japan Manager. He is in charge of the Japanese market to advocate the adoption and diffusion of the liquidity protocol in DeFi, and also organizes "Yasashi DeFi", a community activity to learn DeFi.

Mayumi Hara / FRAME00 CEO

Dev Protocol is a unique decentralized protocol made in Japan that rewards both creators and supporters through staking, and realizes the world's first sustainable incentive model.

Taishi Sato / Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.Ltd.

At Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities, he was involved in the origination of derivative products in the market division. After working as an accounting consultant at EY and Deloitte, where he was involved in international taxation and business transfer valuations, he joined DEA, where he led the development of token economy formulas, alliances with DeFi projects, and the launch of public chain products.

Noritaka Okabe / JPYC CEO

2001 Founder of Real Unreal while a student at Hitotsubashi University, Director after serving as Representative Director/Director and CTO. 2017 Co-founded Real World Games, and served as Director CTO/CFO before becoming a Director. 2019 Founder of Japan Crypto Asset Market (now JPYC). 2020 Chairman of BCCC Game Committee, Director of Links Inc. 2021 Visiting Professor at iU College of Information Management and Innovation, Director of BCCC.


In addition to the above five members, JDA has been supported by So & Sato - Innovative Lawyers as legal advisor and TwoCubes, Inc. as tax and accounting advisor since its inception.

JDA's three main activities are "knowledge sharing," "business matching," and "policy advocacy" to advocate DeFi and develop the market in Japan.

If you are a company interested in DeFi, please join JDA and let's work together to drive the market. You don't need to be working on anything related to DeFi at this time.

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